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Safety Alerts

We continuously monitor severe weather and other safety risks in your area, and send alerts directly to your InReach, Zoleo or other personal satellite communicator, so you can add peace of mind to your adventure.

Simple & Reliable

Safety alerts must work reliably. Once you've registered your devices, there's no requirement to activate, set up, or request alerts - you're automatically protected. We'll send you an alert immediately when conditions change in your current location.

Severe Weather

Severe thunderstorms, tornados, extreme heat or cold, dangerous marine conditions can develop quickly and are life threatening.


Wildfires can evolve quickly as wind direction change. Be aware when conditions become dangerous or when you suddenly find yourself in path of a fire.

Flooding and Tsunamis

Distant storms or earthquakes can lead to flash flooding or tsunamis. Be alerted before it's too late to make it to higher ground.

Other Safety Risks

No matter the hazard, caused by nature, critical failures or by persons intending harm, we will send you alerts you might otherwise never receive.

Use Your Device As It Was Intended

Communication is critical in remote areas. Use your personal satellite communicator to keep you safe, not just to call for help after an incident. Allow us to alert you to any potential risks in advance, to ensure that you are prepared and can take action before it's too late.

There's no need to replace your current device or lug around extra equipment. Simply register for Adiona Alerts, and we'll get in touch with you using your existing device.

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