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Garmin inReach Explore Account Settings

  1. Log in to your Garmin inReach Explore account here.

  2. Once you are logged into your Explore account, click the “Social” tab.

    Garmin inReach - Explore MapShare Settings 1

  3. Ensure the MapShare option is turned on.

  4. Open the MapShare settings by clicking on the "MapShare Settings" button.

    Garmin inReach - Explore MapShare Settings 2

  5. While Garmin does not require it, we strongly suggest you set a password to prevent unauthorized access to your location and device information.

  6. The name and description for your location feed are optional.

  7. The three other options for your Garmin MapShare location feed are optional for our service, but feel free to select what suits your uses best.

  8. Save your settings by clicking the "Save Changes" button. This will close this window and bring you back to the Social tab of your account.

  9. Open the MapShare KML feed details using the feeds link on the Social page.

    Garmin inReach - Explore Mapshare Settings 3

  10. Copy the full address of the KML Feed. It should be in the form of share.garmin.com/Feed/Share/myfeedname.

  11. Don’t forget the KML feed password you set.

  12. Go to the Plans & Devices tab.

    Garmin inReach - Explore Plans & Devices

  13. Copy the IMEI number of the inReach device you wish to associate with your Adiona Alert account.

You now have all the information our service requires to monitor your location as your Garmin inReach updates it continuously:

  • The KML feed URL that is updated by your Garmin inReach.
  • The KML feed password (if specified).
  • The IMEI number of the Garmin inReach device you wish to activate on your account.

If you want to read more about the Garmin inReach location KML feed we use, visit this Garmin support article.

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