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Activating a New Zoleo Device

Activating your device will authorize Zoleo to share your location and check-in information with Adiona Alert. It will also allow Adiona Alert to send alerts directly to your Zoleo device.

  1. From the Device page in your account, click the "Activate" button.

    If the Activate button is not visible, your device is already activated.

    Dashboard Screen - Zoleo Device Activation

  2. An activation popup should be displayed, which will allow you to launch the Zoleo configurator. Press the “Open Zoleo Configurator” button and begin authorizing Zoleo to share information with Adiona Alert.

    Dashboard Screen - Zoleo Device Activation Start

  3. Review the Zoleo configurator information and begin the process by selecting “Get Started.” This will open the first step of the Data Sharing configuration, which generally starts in a new browser tab.

    Dashboard Screen - Zoleo Device Activation - Zoleo Widget 1

  4. The first step of the Zoleo configurator will ask for the IMEI number for the Zoleo device you just added to your Adiona Alert account.

    Reminder - You can find the IMEI number printed on the rear of your device or in your Zoleo online account.

    Dashboard Screen - Zoleo Device Activation - Zoleo Widget 2

  5. After you’ve entered your IMEI number, press “Save and Next.”

  6. In the next step of the Zoleo configurator, you will select the data you authorize Zoleo to share with Adiona Alert. Select "Location Share +" and "Check-in" to allow us to monitor your location.

    Dashboard Screen - Zoleo Device Activation - Zoleo Widget 3

  7. Finally, please read and agree to the statement allowing Zoleo to share your data with us by checking the box. You can then press the “Confirm and Send Email” button.

  8. After you’ve confirmed with Zoleo, they will send a message to the email address registered with your Zoleo account requesting you to confirm your agreement. If you don’t find the email, check your Spam folder.

  9. After authorizing data sharing, return to the Adiona Alert portal, which should have remained open in your browser. You can now go to the next step of activation by pressing "Next".

  10. This page will guide you through the second step of activating your device: verifying your phone number.

    Dashboard Screen - Zoleo Device Activation - One-Time Code

  11. On this page, you will find a one-time code and phone number. Carefully note the one-time code and phone number displayed.

  12. Send a message from your Zoleo device to our service using the provided phone number and ONLY include the one-time code as your message.

    Note: A phone number is not displayed in the image above as it will change for different groups of users.

  13. Create a new message using the Zoleo app connected to your Zoleo device.

    Creating a Zoloe Message

  14. Now, enter the phone number displayed on the Activation page in the "To" field on your device. You do not have to use an existing contact and can enter the 10-digit phone number.

    Preparing a Zoleo Message

  15. Enter the 9-digit one-time code also displayed on the Activation page. This code is unique to your activation and only valid for 24 hours. Only enter the 9-digit one-time code in your message – do not enter other information.

    One-time Code in a Zoloe Message

  16. Double-check the phone number and one-time code you entered in your message to ensure your activation is successful. Once you have confirmed the correct numbers are in your message, send your message. Your message may take several minutes to be delivered over the Iridium satellite network.

    The message you send from the Zoleo app should be communicated over your current internet connection. If you are activating your Zoleo device from an area without an internet connection, your Zoleo device will be using the Iridium satellite network, which requires your device to have a clear view of the sky.

    Sending the Zoleo Message

  17. Once our service has received and verified your activation message, we will send your Zoleo device a message confirming it was successfully activated. The message may take several minutes to be delivered to your Zoleo device, so please be patient. In cases when the message will be delivered using the Iridium satellite network, your device needs a clear view of the sky. Sometimes, it may take longer, so don’t be alarmed if your confirmation message isn’t received after a few minutes. Wait an hour or so before resending the message or contacting our team.

    Zoleo Confirmation Message

  18. You can now visit the Device page on your account to confirm your Zoleo device’s activation. The Activate button you used earlier to activate your Zoleo device will no longer be displayed after a successful activation. This is a perfect time to ensure your Zoleo device is Enabled. It was enabled by default when you added it to your account.

    Dashboard Screen - Zoleo Activated

Congratulations! You will now receive safety alerts, including severe weather alerts, delivered directly to your Zoleo device based on your current location, wherever your adventures take you.

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