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Add a Zoleo Device to Your Account

  1. Log into your Adiona Alert account.

  2. From the Dashboard, open the Devices page.

    Dashboard Screen - Devices

  3. On the Devices page, you will see all devices currently associated with your account. Select the "New Device" button to add a device to your account.

    Dashboard Screen - New Device

  4. The New Device dialogue will allow you to enter the details of your device.

    Dashboard Screen - New Zoleo Device

  5. Enter a device name, device nickname, and device description. These fields will allow you to identify each device correctly when managing your account.

    If you include a device nickname, the nickname will be used in the text of any alert we send you. This is useful when you have more than one device or fixed location.

  6. Enter the IMEI number for your Zoleo device in the IMEI field. You can find the IMEI number printed on the rear of your device or in your Zoleo online account.

  7. Press the "Add New Device" button.

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